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The Earth is under attack. Every night a swarm of aliens descend upon us, breaking into the Earth s atmosphere and leaving a trail of death and destruction in its wake. Our only protection lies with the Global Defence Initiative s MDS (Missile Defence System) and its ability track and destroy these incoming alien swarms. Your nimble fingers, lightning-fast reflexes and eagle-like eyes are the heart of this system. The key to the human race s survival is at your fingertips. This exciting game has ten levels of fast and addictive game play action that will have you at the edge of your seat as you push yourself towards the final swarm. Unlike other games, this one has the real-world benefit of improving your typing skills and eventually taking it to the next level. The high-quality sound track and slick graphics provide an exciting and modern twist to a classic arcade game.

Instructions: To play the game click start and then click level one. You can read the instructions or skip them and just start the level. As the aliens appear on the screen there is a word under each one. Type the word and press either Spacebar or Enter. This will launch a missile at the alien and destroy it. Destroy all the aliens to win the level.

Controls: - fire space - jump na - movement na


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You want your arcade hall back? Here they are! And the arcade games never loosed the charme from C16, C64, Nintendo, Sega or Neo-Geo times. In this online folder are free oldschool games like Amidar, Snake, Super Mario Galaxy and Luigi, Frogger 1+2 and Donkey Kong. We tried to keep only online games in this category which are based on the good old fashioned game principles of play automats. For example 2D Sidescroller or Pinnball online games. Classic Games online will never die because they are everything with what gaming began.