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Play Rock Rush C64: Classic 2 online game for free

Fresh off the code press versus us at Retrocade is Rock Rush, our extremely personal Flash version of the classic Boulder dash! Dig via trojan horse-infested caves dodging boulders, triggering magic walls, and collecting diamonds till you ve sufficient to open the go out. but it doesn t forestall there. relying on which version of Rock Rush Your self play there is also even more difficult components to determine before those gems arrive inside of Your selfr take hold of... basic II: proceeding versus the primary classic levelset, these boards are taken versus Boulder dash II, the reliable sequel to the original. will Your self be able to help our hero take hold of every thing those shiny gems and escape with out currently being overwhelmed or exploded? just right good fortune!

directions: gather the vital quantity of emeralds after which achieve the go out. steer clear of Blobs and insects, don t get overwhelmed by boulders, blpersonal to pieces by nukes and blocked by walls!

steering: - Escape Pause - M Toggle tune - S Toggle sound - Z Snap element - fire na - leap na - movement arrow


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Tags: en pixelart retro Multilingual caves underground Dutch boulder dash English many languages emerald mine diamonds French dungeon Polish maze pixel

Folder: Arcade Online Games

You want your arcade hall back? Here they are! And the arcade games never loosed the charme from C16, C64, Nintendo, Sega or Neo-Geo times. In this online folder are free oldschool games like Amidar, Snake, Super Mario Galaxy and Luigi, Frogger 1+2 and Donkey Kong. We tried to keep only online games in this category which are based on the good old fashioned game principles of play automats. For example 2D Sidescroller or Pinnball online games. Classic Games online will never die because they are everything with what gaming began.