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Rombo Rush is a hardcore action FPS game with classic gameplay and retro-modern pixel art where you have to fight the hordes of monsters coming at you in waves. The game features a fast 3D engine, gothic fantasy levels and a HUGE horde of enemies to fight. Survive as long as you can and beat the highscores.

Instructions: To play the game just survive as long as possible. Use arrow keys or WASD to move, Z or Ctrl to shoot (or open a hidden door), Enter or Shift to turn around 180 degrees, Q/E to strafe left and right and Esc to pause the game. The controls are reconfigurable from the Options screen (from where you can also configure other stuff). When you start a new game, you start in a randomly selected map (currently there are three available but i plan to add more until the game is finished - see below). To finish the map you have to kill as many monsters as mentioned at the top-right corner of the screen (xx MORE). When the map is finished, a new -randomly selected- map is loaded with more monsters to kill. The game begins with weak monsters but after a few turns you will encounter harder monster types.

Controls: - Ctrl or Z Fire/Activate - Down or S Backward - E Strafe right - Enter or Shift Turn around - Left or A Turn left - Q Strafe left - Right or D Turn right - Space or X Strafe modifier - Up or W Forward - fire left_mouse - jump na - movement wasd


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Tags: hardcore d gothic endless pixelart fantasy fps en rombo

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You want your arcade hall back? Here they are! And the arcade games never loosed the charme from C16, C64, Nintendo, Sega or Neo-Geo times. In this online folder are free oldschool games like Amidar, Snake, Super Mario Galaxy and Luigi, Frogger 1+2 and Donkey Kong. We tried to keep only online games in this category which are based on the good old fashioned game principles of play automats. For example 2D Sidescroller or Pinnball online games. Classic Games online will never die because they are everything with what gaming began.