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Play Broken Doll - Jigsaw Puzzle Game - PuzzleSpiel online game for free

Solve intricate puzzles to fix the doll.

Instructions: Press "Start" to be taken to the broken doll. Select any of the broken pieces to enter a puzzle. Completing a puzzle will fix the piece - but be careful, they re awfully tricky. To Play the Puzzle: The chip always starts in the top left corner and you need to move it to bottom right corner. To move it, just click on any square adjacent to it - except for alternate-colored squares. The chip can t move to those. That s all that s to it! If you need more help, just click "Hep" on the puzzle screen!

Controls: - fire na - jump na - movement mouse


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Tags: dark gothic puzzle doll art nouveau beautiful circus tile

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Jigsaw puzzles online games let you experience the fascination of recombining without needing to catch expensive offline games. We have the most attractive pictures from Disney, Spongebob, Ben 10, Bakugan and Dora the Explorer in jigsaw games. Futhermore you can play fun slider puzzle games which are much more harder to solve. Enjoy playing with the Simpsons, Asterix, Transformers and the most popular cartoon heroes online. Puzzle yourself dizzy.