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To get to his favourite food, *mushrooms,* Rockman moves boulders and avoids the perils of the prehistoric world in this fast moving, addictive arcade game.

Instructions: Rockman wants food! Rockman likes mushrooms! Help our hungry troglodyte to collect his favourite dinner in this fast moving addictive arcade game featuring password entry to higher level screens. To get to his food Rockman will push boulders out of the way, but he mustn*t collect from areas marked with a skull as these contain toadstools. Life in the prehistoric world is full of dangers so Rockman must gather the mushrooms quickly before the smiling ones can reach him. Arrows - move X - dig C - restart level



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Folder: Jump and Run and Platform Games

Jump and Run platform games are the evergreen in the players scene, everybody adores them. It where the pioneers of the home computer entertainment industry. The most popular ones are super mario or sonic the hedgehog. Beautiful rendered Levels and tricky enemys should keep you entertained in this fun online game genre. The History of Jump and Run Games, those classical gems, began when people where fascinated by looking on the 2D-Sidescroller screen of a nintendo Gameboy. You will find some in the arcade online games folder too. Play Jump and Run now!