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Play Hordes and Lords online game for free

Command hordes of armed soldiers and ship them into medieval battles on this actual- season tactical recreation.

informations: Reconnaissance: utilize on your ownr moutilize to place gadgets (click on and drag to rotate). battle: click on on gadget or flag to make a choice, point and click the place to move. additionally you can utilize keyboard keys one-3-eight to make a choice squad. pointers: - Yourself squad should develop into bigger every stage. - if your squad is dead – it ll achieve only 1/4 of enjoy points. - No matter if you canno longer entire stage, try to replay previous and achieve cash for improvements. - in case you are replaying stage than have been received previously, you are going to achieve no enjoy for squads. - Yourself achieve gold medal no matter whether your whole squad are alive as soon as completed mision. Silver – no matter whether 1 squad is dead. extra dead squads means bronse. - better medal brings greater cash for on your own.

regimentation: - shoot left_moutilize - bounce na - motion moutilize


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Escape the Room in Escape games, power up your rpg-roleplay-character and defeat monsters and magicians like in fun world of warcraft. These games are really WOW for a Warrior. Solve quests and choose the right upgrades. But the folder got other fun games, too, that are the strategic or turn based ones. Like simcity style or turn based strategy games online. Also click and point yourself through digital riddle-surroundings and find a solution or strategy for your fate in these escape games.