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Play Alchemist 2 online game for free

As an alchemist select the correct color of the blob to fire at the attacking enemies, and kill them all.

Instructions: Use A/S keys or Left/Right arrow keys to select one of the six colored buttons to load a colored blob in the gun. The color of this blob must be the same as the color of the enemy. Move the cursor using the mouse. Click the mouse to fire the colored blob at the enemy and kill it. If the enemy hits the gun the game ends. Continue playing the game till you lose.

Controls: - fire left_mouse - jump na - movement mouse


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Lock and Load - Aim and Fire in our Shooting section. Unlike the action games folder we have put pure shooting games into this category. There are free FPS-Shooter, Sniper games, shooting galleries, zombie shooter and other killing games online. Test you reaction and survive as long as you can. If not - restart and try again - because it is only a game. Fun shooting action for free!