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Play Leaping Luchadores - Shooting Game online game for free

Wrestling has been banned and the luchadores are overcome with grief. Stricken with madness from their great sorrow they have gone running for the cliffs. Use the power of Jesus love to save the luchadores. Summon angels, surf through the air on the cross, use El Christo s Laser Eyes of Love and even trigger the Rapture all to save the poor luchadores.

Controls: - 1 Power 1 - 2 Power 2 - 3 Power 3 - 4 Power 4 - 5 Power 5 - fire left_mouse - jump na - movement na


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Tags: angels love jesus luchadors el christo laser eyes luchadores mexican wrestlers lucha libre

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Lock and Load - Aim and Fire in our Shooting section. Unlike the action games folder we have put pure shooting games into this category. There are free FPS-Shooter, Sniper games, shooting galleries, zombie shooter and other killing games online. Test you reaction and survive as long as you can. If not - restart and try again - because it is only a game. Fun shooting action for free!