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Play Radio Zed online game for free

Protect your radio transmitter from a zombie apocalypse! You and your friends are stuck in a small town and your supplies running out. The radio transmitter on the roof of your building is your only hope for salvation, but it is still silent. The zombies outside seem to be attracted to the signal… use all your firepower to stop them! Buy and upgrade new weapons and level up seven skills (three skills for your A.I. controlled comrades).

Instructions: Run: [A],[D] or [LEFT / RIGHT ARROWS] Jump: [W] or [UP ARROW] Use doors/stairs: [S] or [DOWN ARROW] Select weapons: [ 1 ] – [ 9 ] Next/previous weapon: [Q], [E] Order comrades to change positions: [F] (press repeatedly to cycle positions) Sound volume: [+], [-] Mute sound: [ 0 ]

Controls: - fire left_mouse - jump up - movement wasd


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Folder: Shooting Games

Lock and Load - Aim and Fire in our Shooting section. Unlike the action games folder we have put pure shooting games into this category. There are free FPS-Shooter, Sniper games, shooting galleries, zombie shooter and other killing games online. Test you reaction and survive as long as you can. If not - restart and try again - because it is only a game. Fun shooting action for free!