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Play Reindeer Roundup online game for free

This is a fun little distraction for the Holiday season. How can anyone not like a Christmas game featuring Santa Claus with a blowgun shooting at reindeer? No reindeer were hurt during the making of the game (although two elves were hospitalized).

Instructions: The reindeer have gotten out of the stable and are wrecking Santa s workshop. Help Santa tranquilize the reindeer with his blowgun before time runs out. You should aim for their bodies because they can block your darts with their antlers. Be careful not to hit any elves. Moving the mouse up and down will adjust the angle of your shot while moving up and down will adjust the power. Click the left mouse button to shoot.

Controls: - Left Mouse Button Shoot - Mouse Left/Right Power - Mouse Up/Down Angle - fire na - jump na - movement na


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Lock and Load - Aim and Fire in our Shooting section. Unlike the action games folder we have put pure shooting games into this category. There are free FPS-Shooter, Sniper games, shooting galleries, zombie shooter and other killing games online. Test you reaction and survive as long as you can. If not - restart and try again - because it is only a game. Fun shooting action for free!