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Play Love Panda Defense - Tower Defense Game online game for free

LP loves nature and is very fond of his beautiful home in Foping Valley. Love Panda and his family and friends are fruit farmers and have been living there for many generations. However, they have been attacked by possessed monkeys who want to raid their farms and storage for their precious fruits! Now LP and his friends and family must join together to stop the crazed monkeys before it is too late!

Controls: - fire na - jump na - movement na


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Defend your Tower, Mister. The creepers are invading! Play the best and biggest tower defense games on the internet. Place a turret at the path and develop strategies to keep the invaders entertained. The most famous Tower defence online games in this folder are Warzone TD - Bloons Tower defense 4 or Snafu TD. But for defending your castle, there are even more on this page. Build Frost towers, arrow towers and poison towers. always take a look for turrets with splash damage and do not forget the bugz in the Air.